I chanced upon Uttara, quite by accident, through multiple personal and professional affiliations converging, as if the universe was conspiring to bring us together. Reaching out to Uttara to coach me, when I was at crossroads of my career, was one of the best life decisions I have made. Getting coached by her was a transformative and enriching experience.

Uttara carries dignity in her presence and also has an innate ability to connect with her coachee, with utmost humility, one of the rarest combinations ever. Her practical questions asked subtly, her calm demeanour and her ability to prompt deep reflections, helped me develop fresh perspectives on my professional challenges. During the coaching sessions, she would quite magically ‘hold up the mirror to me’ to simply demonstrate the alignments of my thoughts and actions with my core values, that really helped me see the dots connecting, with conviction. There were many such ‘A-ha’ moments which left me mesmerised and in awe of her. I felt empowered with clarity of thought and a sense of direction.

I am immensely grateful to Uttara and she is my self- appointed mentor for life.

Susmita Sen, Founder Partner, Life- Coach, HR Leader, Advisor- Diversity & POSH – 13th April, 2017.

* * *

Her sharp intellectual mind coupled with a simplistic and empathetic perspective creates a right balance in her persona required for the profession she has instinctively chosen after two decades of a brilliant corporate stint. Uttara had spontaneously held my hand through my uncertainties as a friend and a coach in a phase, when I was going through a transition in my career. She had effectively and effortlessly given a carte blanche for my restive brainstorming in a space which had the required calmness. The innate coach in her guided me not only to self explore but chalk out an effective raod map towards a realistic goal.

Soumi Duttagupta, Communication Specialist and ACRP certified Trainer – 28th March, 2017

* * *

Coach, friend, philosopher, guide; Dr. Uttara dawns multiple hats. And the most beautiful thing I have experienced is that she seamlessly transitions in and out of these roles while coaching. Understanding the coachee’s emotions and feelings and making the coachee feel as if he / she is speaking to own inner voice. This is the impact I have had, whenever I had a session with her. What I also admire about Dr. Uttara is her Perseverance. She would always be available for her coachee and would follow up regularly on their promises making sure they make it a success. Kudos! Coach Uttara. You are a Great Friend and great inspiration.

Rahul Bajaj, Associate Vice President at Sutherland Global Services – Digital, 7th February, 2017

* * *

Dr Uttara Pattanaik always comes from a context of deep knowledge, which gives you the sense that you are in safe hands. Her conversations are always intellectually stimulating and open many windows, ideal for C suite mentoring and coaching. In my interactions with her I found that her ability to articulate and communicate with clarity and passion helped create positivism and purpose.

She would always share with a sense of ease and came through as a team player. Someone you would want on your side. There is a sense of dignity in her presence. Challenging yet motivating you at the same time….. creating a momentum for success.

Dr Pattanaik is a Coach who can work through complexity to deliver results. I have no doubt that she will be a force multiplier in whatever she partners.

Nitish Mukherjee, Strategic Advisor, Leo Burnett – South Asia,7th February, 2017

* * *

Uttara is a rare executive leadership and life coach whose vast international leadership and strategic experience places her at extraordinary instinctive advantage.

Masterfully methodical, profoundly wise and yet completely at ease, Uttara’s maturity as a coach is backed by the strength of her character, self-discipline and extraordinary commitment to self-mastery.

Having gaining from her coaching first-hand, I can see why Uttara is so deeply respected by her peers and clients for a warm supportive style that effortlessly leads her clients towards unexpected, powerful insights and break-throughs in complex and challenging situations. Abundantly generous Uttara is instinctively kind, patient and profoundly wise and is therefore a much valued friend and a deeply respected mentor to a plenty of people around her, I am fortunate to be among them.

Every day, I learn from her how coaching when performed selflessly with a deeply earnest urge to serve, can become a transformative experience for the coach.

Amit Sood, Leadership & Life Coach, 16th January, 2017

* * *

Dr Uttara is one of the most wonderful people I have come across in recent times. Professionally and Personally too. She has the innate ability to bring out the best in a person – though her unique style of coaching and deep thinking. Her intelligence is well complimented by her extremely disciplined approach. Rarely, we come across professionals as her who have such great value for time. Her visualization exercises can be real eye openers. They take you where your heart knows you should be, but your eyes and brain never saw. Extremely powerful ! Though it’s just been an year since I met Uttara, all my conversations with her have been extremely motivating and inspiring. She’s been a great blessing – as a mentor coach and as a friend.

Anila Sinha Sharma, Evangelist-Accessibility & Inclusion for People with Disabilities. 11th December, 2016

* * *

Dr. Uttara is one of the seasoned professional and an great coach I have ever met. She understands every individual so well and approaches accordingly. In today’s world values are very important to every individual and she touches them in everyone she coaches. Her unique style of coaching is a spectrum of shades including challenge, Inspiration and meaningful. Her strategic approach to coaching, focus on connecting the coachee with their inner self, bringing the best leadership qualities in each individual, immense patience and deep listening are few qualities that was of immense benefit to me.

Sudeshna Batra, Head – Talent Acquisition, Stryker India,15th November, 2016

* * *

Uttara is a very diligent and meticulous professional. I started interacting with her in her role as coach and consultant. Soft spoken, practical, clear headed, intelligent and passionate in her work, she has a strong customer focus. I find her having Adaptive Thinking Ability and Inner Strength. Would love to work collaboratively with her on projects. All The Very Best Uttara !!

JP Singh, President – International Coach Federation –
Delhi / NCR Chapter, 23rd November, 2015

* * *

Uttara is very poised, diligent and extremely committed professional. Uttara as Coach, I have personally experienced, and I must say, that she stands by the individual to see him or her through a situation fully. A Professional with such a high level of integrity is what makes her stand apart in the crowd. I cherish my association with her and highly recommend her as a an Executive and Life Coach.

Paritosh Sharan, CEO, TransHuman Consulting, Executive Coach, Leadership Development and OD Consultant, Corporate Trainer and Facilitator. 19th November, 2015.

* * *

Dr Uttara is a thorough professional. She is very focused hard working and a results oriented person. Being on the board of ICF Delhi NCR Chapter I have interacted with her as a peer and she has been outstanding with her contributions. She is a lively person and can find solutions to any challenges. She has provided coaching to some of our employees’ family members and they have had great results. She is a star and I wish her all success and let her keep shining and spreading light always!

Malvieka Joshi, Sr. HR Director, Ciena. 19th October, 2016

* * *

I have worked with Uttara on talent acquisition for my organization in India. Unlike most search consultants, she spends a great deal of time upfront to understand the needs and the culture of the organization. She met personally each hiring manager to understand the soft side requirements as well as the technical requirements. She never came across as a head-hunter trying to sell CVs. He partnership to the business and attention to getting the right candidates made the entire process of acquiring talent much more robust. She has helped me with 2 executive team hires and they are working out great. I would recommend Uttara to anyone looking for Talent. The upfront time in the beginning has saved alot of time, money, and headaches later on.

Lawrence Ganti, Latin America President- Merck KGaA.18th June, 2014

* * *

Uttara is knowledgeable as an independent healthcare consultant, providing valuable insights on global clinical development strategy for multi-national pharma companies towards numerous consulting firms.

Sihui Wang, Boston Consulting Group, 6th June, 2013

* * *

Uttara has very systematic approach. The process involves defined deliverables which give clarity to the customers. Uttara has a good technical knowledge and a strong person assessment skills which helps the client and the company to get the required position each is looking out for. She can also impart training for employee development in an organisation and last but not the least she is a very good human! Wishing her success in her endeavours.

Dr. Priya Chatterjee, Director Regulatory Affairs, MerckSerono,1st June, 2013.

* * *

I know Uttara since my days in Bristol-Myer Squibb. I have been lucky to be working with her in BMS. She is one of the people whom I admire the most. She has wealth of knowledge and was instrumental in the initial setting regulatory department and strategy in BMS. Later on she moved to the global role and was making global contribution.

She is one of the few people who has right blend of scientific knowledge couple with management and leadership skills. I also had opportunity to interact with her in new role and would like to say that she is adding great value to this new role profile. She is adaptive and could modulate her leadership style very well for business objectives. She is great asset to any organization and also for industry.

Manish Shah, Sr. Customer Operations Director at Quintiles,27th May, 2013.

* * *

Dr.Pattanaik is a true expert in the field of Regulatory Affairs and her deep knowledge and insight of the function was crucial for the success of our project. Thank you again for your help, and looking forward to working with you again.

Yu Tazawa, Co-founder – BnAInc, 25th June, 2012

* * *

Precise, perceptive, knowledgeable and introspective – this is what I know of Uttara, first hand, from my work with her. I have had the good fortune of being mentored and also coached by her on separate occasions, and I would highly recommend it to anybody who wants to affect change in their lives – change that stays the course in accelerated momentum, because that is depth at which Uttara works with you.

I wish you the best, Uttara, and I look forward to many more shared learning experiences!

Priya Kapoor, Founder – Own Your Story, 8th August, 2017