Uttara Pattanaik Consulting Services (UPCS)

UPCS is a management consulting organization that focuses on building capability in the area of strategy and leadership development. At UPCS, we believe in demystifying the concept of strategy & leadership and enabling people to make it integral part of their life irrespective of roles or levels. We work with organizations, teams and individuals to build their strategic and leadership capabilities through customized learning solutions that enable people to have clarity regarding their purpose, context, resources, values, principles and take ownership of their personal and/or professional goals.

Our customized leadership & strategic interventions and coaching methodologies

  • Simplify the life goals and everyday issues and enable individuals, teams and organizations to discover the inner power to unleash their potential.
  • Allow our clients to connect with their inner self, define their purpose, identity, value system, strengths, recognize their own potential and gain clarity regarding what regulates their performance, personality and behaviours within teams and organization.
  • Drive change to ensure a sustained learning and helping our clients to engage, empower, energize and take accountability for their individual roles.
  • Equip people to break down strategic/leadership concepts to chewable nuggets that allow individuals to identify simple and realistic action steps that can be executed in the current context / situation to achieve extra-ordinary results.
  • Empower individuals to adopt a strategic approach leading to enhanced efficiency and productivity in a timely manner.
  • Enable individuals to take responsibility of their life and their ecosystem.

UPCS is known for their work in the area of strategic advisory, generative leadership, personal mastery, enhanced efficiency / productivity and inner engineering, leading to happier organizations, secured leaders and liberated souls.

UPCS collaborates with industry experts and passionate professionals like strategic advisors, business consultants, leadership consultants, L & D experts, OD Experts, business and life coaches, mindfulness champions, change agents, who are committed to value creation and sustainable development.